Criminal of Japan Mr.Hiroji Yamashiro Violence and Intimidation

What are you going to do?
Open the door.
Drag him out from the car!
国道329号線 沖縄高専前
Roa near Camp Schwab
Yamashiro and his clan threatening an passing
stranger in the middle of the public road
Hey Yankee!!
Violent Protester Yamashiro’s Voice
You Die ! Die ! Die! DieDie 米兵死ねと叫ぶ
Fuck you
You observed that the police officer and
US soldiers never fought back to Yamashiro.


I am Masako Ganaha from Okinawa,Japan

I wish to report about the situation in Okinawa an attempt on June 15 to misuse
the United Natiosby a violent,
anti-U.S base activist named Hiroji Yamashiro.

Human rights an freedom of expression of local are being threatened by outside anti-base protesters an commnist revolutionaries,
as well as domestic partisan media organizations,
These groups use the very protectios they have to suppress the right of those whom they oppose,
He is currently out on bailafter being arreseted for severral crimes,
such as forcible obstruction of business,
interference of public duties, damege to property,trespassing to the U.S bases and physcical violence.

He is the very person threatening our rights,
which makes his appearance here ironic.

He says that the Japanese govement is endagering human rights and freedom of speech.

Terrorist Hiroji Yamashiro a leader of -Peace Action Center of Okinawa


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